Residential Walk Behind Mower Tune-Up

__ Check Oil Level
__ Inspect Primer
__ Check Crankshaft for Damage
__ Check Ignition and Compression
__ Inspect Starter Pull/Electric
__ Check Self Propel and Adjust
__ Change Engine Oil
__ Change Spark Plug
__ Replace Air Filter/Pre-Filter
__ Sharpen and Balance Mower Blade
__ Lubricate All Pivot Points
__ Adjust and Lubricate Cables
__ Drop Carb Bowl and Clean
__ Flush Fuel System
__ Add Gas Additive
__ Clean Mower
__ Scrape Bottom Side of Mower Deck
__ Check and Adjust for Proper Engine Speed
__ Check Safety Components and test run

Additional parts and services are extra, plus tax and shop supplies of 3% with a maximum amount of $15.00